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QingJian Paves The Way For Private Smart Homes With Samsung

First collaboration by a private developer here to bring smart living to
homebuyers as Singapore rolls out Smart Nation Vision

SINGAPORE - 25 February 2015 – Private homeowners will soon be able to ride on the crest of the technological wave as Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative gets underway.  Qingjian Realty (South Pacific) Group Pte Ltd (Qingjian) and Samsung Asia Pte Ltd (Samsung) entered a partnership this morning that will see the integration of smart living technology into new developments as these innovations become commercially-available.

“In the last few years, we have seen technology evolve significantly.  A mobile phone has been transformed into wearable technology and 3D-printing has reinvented the construction industry. In two to three years, our lifestyles will be very different from how we live today. So what we aim to do is to start anticipating and building today the smart Qingjian home that you will be receiving the keys to in three to five years. One that already has the latest technology and infrastructure to integrate with your smart lifestyle at that point in time,” said Mr Li Jun, General Manager, Qingjian.

In anticipation of the rapid technological improvements, Qingjian hopes to ‘future-proof” its upcoming launches by incorporating the necessary infrastructure to support smart homes as they are constructed. This would ensure that future Qingjian homebuyers will be able to plug into the smart home immediately, with minimal need for infrastructural enhancement.

The partnership is a synergistic one for the two front-runners in their field. Since launching its first development in 2008, Qingjian has built a name for itself in its commitment and innovative approach towards supporting the Qingjian homebuyer’s life.

One of its latest initiatives is the introduction of CoSpace Flexi units, which allow homebuyers to reconfigure and customise their layouts and interior design, enabling them to fit their new homes to their lifestyle. As lifestyles and needs of homeowners in Singapore evolve, especially with the advent of Smart Nation, it is imperative for Qingjian to partner Samsung, the leader in consumer electronics, to keep abreast of the latest developments to ensure that its developments are built with future needs in mind.

The two partners expect some of the smart home technologies to be ready for commercial integration within years, and plan for these to be offered in Qingjian’s upcoming executive condominium in Sembawang, expected to be launched in 2016. As part of the agreement, Qingjian will endeavour to use Samsung products in its upcoming developments. Homeowners of Qingjian development who are expected to receive the Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) from 2015 will also be able to purchase Samsung appliances at a preferential rate.

“This collaboration comes as a natural fit. Both Samsung and QingJian are committed to the Smart Nation initiative and we are thrilled to start at the heart of any nation - with its people and their homes,” said Andy Sim, General Manager, Enterprise Business, Samsung Asia Pte Ltd, “Samsung has been appointed by Qingjian to be the single brand of choice to enable smart technologies for home owners as we have the breadth of appliances, solutions and ecosystem to deliver a truly connected experience and a better quality of life for homeowners.”

Through seamless connectivity between personal smart devices and home appliances, one can, today, operate his/her washing machines and vacuum cleaners remotely, at the touch of a smart device. Wherever you are, you can operate multiple smart appliances concurrently.  The partners hope to take this technology further, and explore greater ways to leverage on the Internet of Things (IoT) to enable homeowners to better integrate their household technology with personal smart devices. This is the first step towards building a smart home that can respond to the living needs of its occupants.                  

The vision for the future? “A smart home that reacts to different members of the household as they live, learn, work and play in and out of their home – a lifestyle made seamless and convenient with the integration of smart technology. That will be the Qingjian home of the future,” asserts Mr Li Jun, General Manager, Qingjian.

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Latest Press Releases

QingJian Paves The Way For Private Smart Homes With Samsung

First collaboration by a private developer here to bring smart living tohomebuyers as Singapore rolls out Smart Nation Vision SINGAPORE - 25...


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