With market presence in Singapore since 1999, CNQC (SP)’s main businesses comprise real estate and construction. As a well-known property developer and contractor based in Singapore, CNQC (SP) expands into other Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar and Cambodia etc.

Real Estate

In Singapore, CNQC (SP) owns a diversified portfolio, comprising of residential (DBSS, Executive Condominiums and Private Condominiums), mix-used and industrial projects. It has been recognized as the Top Ten Developer in Singapore for several years and obtained multiple awards and accolades for its high quality and well-received projects. It is also one of Singapore’s largest real estate developers in mass market residential real estate development sector.

Real Estate
Real Estate


CNQC (SP) owns two A1 grade (the highest grade) construction companies in General Building. One of Singapore’s largest contractors of public housing and one of leading industry players in offsite manufacturing solutions, it has a sound track record of construction projects across residential, industrial and institutional segment. Over the past 10 years, CNQC (SP) has received about 50 awards and accolades from Building & Construction Authority, Housing and Development Board, China Construction Association, etc. It bagged 11 BCA Construction Excellence Awards (Award/Merit), a prestigious award which recognizes projects that demonstrated the highest standards of construction excellence in Singapore.

PPVC — Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction

CNQC (SP) is the first Chinese-funded enterprise in Singapore to obtain the PPVC IPA (Principle Approval Certificate) and the full version of MAS (Manufacturer License) for the concrete structure system. This is takes a leading position among the companies within the industry in Singapore.

The company has its own PPVC design, manufacturing, transportation and hoisting system. It has established PPVC prefabricated factories in Malaysia and Singapore respectively, and established a professional PPVC construction technical team through technical training and talent construction.

By researching and exploring the PPVC market and construction technology in advance, the company currently has three PPVC projects under construction, namely the Le Quest, the Daintree Residence and Dairy Farm Residence, which are attracting most developers. Conduct visits and study to enhance the influence of market brands.

Based on the existing equipment resources and technical capabilities, the company can achieve complete and mature PPVC integrated assembly line production, and has the ability to meet the challenges of any PPVC project.

Real Estate
Real Estate


hiLife is a leading Smart Living company providing Smart Residential Solutions in Southeast Asia with a vision of creating Smart Homes and Smart Communities through technology. The company is currently headquartered in Singapore with regional presence in China, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam. Through our consistent engagement with Property Developers, hiLife empowers developers with a reliable method of building smart homes with enhances functionality, convenience, security and safety. This ultimately drives buyer engagement and sales for the residential projects.

The company is consistently improving our research and development efforts and has developed new products to meet the market needs, elevating the Smart Living experience for all our clients.

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